Cash is King

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Short & to the point.

Align Your Strategy

Was Your Organization Successful This Past Year?

The answer depends on how you define success. Publicly traded companies and nonprofits can answer it easily: higher equity value and achievement of their mission. Every owner of a private company will have a different answer based on their core objective. It could be profits, lifestyle, family legacy, or several other scenarios. As a trusted advisor, Bronswick Benjamin will work towards your core objective and navigate through obstacles with you.

Goals Define Tactics

Your core objective could be financial, operational, or customer related. Start anywhere, but ask “Why is this important?” If your answer leads to something else, then we have not found your core objective. If becoming the regional leader in your industry is the core objective, what roadmap will achieve this? Does it involve creating new products, increasing revenue, hiring more people, etc.? Daily tasks may not always be in alignment with the objective. A well-defined core objective keeps the organization on track.

SMART Objectives

Objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Specific objectives answer “How will you know it is done?” Measurable objectives answer “How will you know it meets expectations?” Achievable objectives answer “Can it be done?” Relevant objectives answer “Should it be done?” Time-based objectives answer “What is the end point?” Satisfying each of these requirements engages focus, action, and learning.


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