Multi-State Taxes

Think Ahead & Stay Compliant

Our business clients often conduct business in multiple states, and other clients often work in more than one state, own real estate in multiple states, or have ownership in flow-through entities with income from other states. State and local tax (SALT) rules can be complex and a lack of awareness or understanding of these rules can impact revenue projections.

We develop proactive, practical approaches to SALT planning and compliance designed to help you manage your state and local tax positions.

Create a Strategy

Protect your assets and chart the path to sustainable growth. Numerous opportunities exist to save tax dollars through advanced tax planning and risk mitigation.

Avoid The Risk

States are aggressively expanding their tax bases and it is a major risk for a lot of businesses. Implications often extend into areas most firms are unaware of.

Track & Adjust

Failure to file or pay sales and use tax in all the states you do business in can have serious repercussions. Businesses must track and report all moving pieces.

Multi-State Tax Trigger Situations

  • Increased business in other states
  • Directing your sales force into other states
  • Sending employees or independent contractors to work in other states
  • Conducting product training in other states
  • Adding remote employees in other states
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