Peer Review

Value Beyond Compliance

As peer review specialists, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of the accounting, auditing, and attestation services performed by CPA firms. While conducting a peer review, we also look for opportunities to help our client firms improve processes that may enhance their efficiency, realization, and staff recruitment and retention.

Our extensive experience performing peer reviews has allowed us to develop the necessary resources to offer guidance to help public accounting firms adhere to professional standards.

Flexible Support

Assistance includes pre-review assessments, procedural updates, and post-review resolution support. Our team works efficiently, taking only a few days to complete all the fieldwork.

Growth Oriented

Our objective is to help you improve the quality and efficiency of your accounting and audit practice, which is the purpose of the Peer Review program.

Peer Review Leader: Matt Mitzen, CPA, CFE

Matt has over 20 years of quality control leadership experience with local, regional, and national CPA firms. With over 35 years in public accounting, Matt brings a broad range of technical experience that can make a positive impact on your firm. Contact him at or (847) 947-0966.

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