2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Short & to the point.

2019 Illinois Tax Amnesty Program

For a limited time, the Illinois Department of Revenue is offering amnesty to taxpayers who have outstanding tax liabilities relating to tax periods ending after June 30, 2011 and before July 1, 2018.  Penalties and interest will be waived on such tax liabilities if payment is made in full between October 1, 2019 and November 15, 2019.

Taxpayers who failed to file returns or incorrectly reported the amount of tax liability on a previously filed return for these periods should take the opportunity to file original or amended returns.

The Amnesty Program only applies to taxes collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue, therefore taxes such as property taxes or taxes paid to local governments do not qualify for this program.

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