Elizabeth Hoffman

Elizabeth Hoffman

CAS Manager

E-Mail: EHoffman@bronswick.com
Direct: (847) 947-0934
Main: (847) 808-9800 x480

Achievements and Certifications
  • Dean’s List, DePaul University
  • Vice President of Chapter Operations and Director of Finance, Alpha Phi International Fraternity
  • Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting, DePaul University
About Elizabeth

Being a recent grad from DePaul, what put Bronswick Benjamin on your radar and made you say, “I think I might want to join that firm?”

I was at a career fair and really, I had no intention of joining a smaller sized firm. But I walked over to BB just to check them out. It ended up that I had met my match. I found I really liked their personalities and overall culture of the firm. I could see myself working successfully with BB.

The firm contacted me to come in for an interview and I felt a really good connection. Staff members went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and I appreciated that family type of aspect. At BB, it’s more personal and everyone is passionate towards what they do.

Do you feel like you’re getting some solid mentoring at BB to help point you in the right direction early on?

Yes, BB offers a very close mentoring experience, which is useful as you dive into different challenges. As a new staff member, being paired up with a mentor has been extremely beneficial.

No matter what or how much is on your plate, it’s a great support system that’s very collaborative. If I need a second opinion, I can just go knock on someone’s door to talk it through. Everyone makes themselves available to the new staff to answer any questions that come up. And I think the client ultimately benefits from that too.

What are your goals in Accounting? Plans to get your CPA?

I am currently working on achieving the credit hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Starting in 2017, I will be working towards my Masters of Science in Taxation at DePaul University.

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