September 1, 2016

Mike Pawlicki


Direct: (847) 947-0974
Main: (847) 808-9800 x430

Achievements and Certifications

  • Illinois CPA Society


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Iowa State University
    - Treasurer, ISU GENRE Music Club

About Mike

It's always good for people to know why a person joined BB, regardless of whether that individual has been in the business for twenty years or, in your case, straight out of school. What drew you to this firm?

I came to BB through the AISP (Accounting Intern Scholarship Program) in 2015.

What it came down to for me was seeing BB against five other firms of roughly the same size. As I got to know the people here, I quickly discovered how down-to-Earth and friendly everyone was. In the end, a tax return is a tax return and an audit's an audit. But in so many environments like this one, it’s also about the people you're working with and how much you think they can teach you. In that sense, this looked like a place I wanted to be.

Even though it’s early on, are you already feeling like there's good collaboration happening here? Can you ask people questions and pick their brains a bit?

Certainly. I have at least three direct points of contact and I've been working with John Allegretti (Senior Accountant) a lot. He's always receptive of me asking questions. He's very detailed and when you ask him a question you're going to get the answer. But everyone's really good. The place just inspires collaboration. It's not like they're just telling me what to do. They say, "This is what we would do," but people are looking for my input as well. That’s terrific.

What about the day-to-day things that you're getting involved with? Give us an idea of the two or three things that you tend to get your hands on.

I've been working a lot with our 401K audits and am involved in international tax matters as well.

What are some of the goals that you have for yourself over the next year that you want to see yourself doing more of?

I definitely have some quality experience with QuickBooks so I'd like to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and be certified in QuickBooks. Additionally, during my internship with the firm, I learned briefly about being a Certified Valuation Assistant (CVA), which appeals to me.

Since the AISP program is one that the firm is consistently involved with, tell us more about your experience with that.

The AISP program consists of BRP and several other mid-sized to small firms in the Chicagoland area. It’s very collaborative in that the firms figure out the most pertinent information for new people coming into the industry to know.

The firms develop presentations and provide them to the interns both individually and as a group. Depending on the firm, we would engage in practice sets as well as real work to give us practical experience. The training is outstanding.

My main takeaway from the program was that I figured out what it actually means to be a staff accountant or an employee at a public accounting firm. In an interview situation, you only get a taste of that. In this program, it was eight weeks of six different firms giving you the opportunity to see a variety of cultures. As a result, since each firm is very different from the next in terms of culture, you get to decide what's really important to you.

Last but not least, are there any things outside of the firm that you want people to know that you do for fun?

I'm really into bike riding when I have the time. I used to do that a lot and am hoping to get around to that when I'm done with studying for the CPA. I also play a bunch of instruments. I started on drums and once I got comfortable with that, I took up guitar. Then it was, “What instrument can I learn next?" I also like going to concerts as much as I can and just finding new music. Music has always been one of my biggest passions.