Low Hanging Fruit – Tax Benefits to Improve Cash flows for Restaurant Owners

By:  Jeffrey Bronswick, CPA, MBA In an ever changing business environment where food prices are rising, competition is increasing and margins are shrinking, it is important to take advantage of all of the tax benefits available to help restaurant owners.  However, when owners do not get the proper guidance, you miss opportunities that can improve[…]

IRAs Inherited by Persons Other than a Spouse

By: Jack Knopoff (JKnopoff@BRP-CPAs.com) August, 2012   A tax case just came across my desk indicating that an inherited IRA distribution from a taxpayer’s deceased mother’s IRA was determined to be taxable income. The daughter had attempted to rollover the IRA distribution into her IRA account; the tax code denies rollover treatment of an inherited IRA. If[…]